"Bruises Be Banned!"

Are You Happy That The Weather Calls For Long Sleeves, And Other People Won't See Your Bruises Now?

What to do if you bruise easily?

* You wear long sleeves all throughout the year to help cover up your bruises.

* You keep your nails trimmed extremely short  so you don’t “stab” yourself causing skin bruising.

* You avoid physical contact with people and give tables and counters a wide berth. 

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Are These Your Bruising Causes?

* A lifetime of too much sun exposure on the skin can cause the skin to thin.

* Dermatological steroids can cause the skin to thin and lead to bruising easily.

* Age can cause the capillary walls to become thinner making bruising more likely.

* Improper or incomplete diet and nutrition can weaken the skin and the capillaries.

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How to combat easy bruising?

* You avoid bruising causes by moving into a padded room and never leave.

* You become a “bubble” person to avoid physical contact with people or things.

* You combat bruising easily with Bruises Be Banned.

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