In an Emergency, How Can I Hide a Bruise?

It rarely ever fails.  Although you’re responsibly taking your Bruises Be Banned to help in reducing or preventing bruises, no product is 100% effective all of the time.  The day when you have an outdoor happening to go to, or you’re just going out to enjoy the first great spring day of the year  in a short skirt and a sleeveless blouse, you glance down and discover that you have a big, blotchy bruise on your arm or your calf.  Bruises are a great way to get lots of unwanted looks and lots of unneeded questions, but just remember that it’s not necessary to cover up in a long skirt or a long sleeved top.  Just take the time to pillage your cosmetics bags, because it is entirely possible to cover over bruises, even the ones that are beginning to turn black and blue.

The first thing that you need to do is to reduce the bruise down as much as possible.  A towel packed with ice can help do this, as can a washcloth soaked in ice water.  Don’t do this for any longer than fifteen minutes or so, or you might end up really uncomfortable.  This helps you take down any noticeable swelling, and if you are very lucky, it might even make the bruise fade a little bit breaking up the blood clot underneath the skin.

What we need to do now is to examine the colors of the bruised area.  If there is a lot of blue in the bruise, select a concealer that contains a little more yellow than what you would usually use.  You should choose a concealer that has worked well for you (your best choice is likely one that is creamy, not dry), apply it to the bruise.  Carry the concealer beyond the edges of the bruise.  This will provide you a more natural appearance, instead of a blotch of color that might look just as bad as the uncovered bruise.

Allow the concealer to dry completely, and check whether or not you need another layer.  Depending how thinly you applied the concealer, you could.  You might desire to use a setting powder over the concealer.  This can be beneficial in keeping the concealer from brushing away or flaking off.  This will also help reduce any shine that could cause concern on your bruise.  A number 1 brush should be employed to very nicely create this effect.

If you are dealing with smaller bruises, you may want to forgo the concealer and look into eye shadow instead.  If you have darker skin, make sure that you are using cosmetics that are intended for your skin tone.  For instance, when you are planning to cover up bruises with an angry red or purple tint, consider a matching green eye shadow to cool some of the hot  colors down, but if you have bruises that shade more towards blue, consider yellow colors.

There are lots of tips and tricks to hide bruises.  Always remember that you should look for a solution to banish bruises entirely, but also keep tips in mind in case of an emergency.

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Carolyn Cooper is recognized as a well known expert on bruising causes through a combination of her educational experience in nutrition and her real life expertise with nutritional supplements for athletes, ranging from children to the professional ranks. You can get a free Special Report on bruising causes and see what she’s done to get you beyond the nightmares of easy bruising and help you prevent bruising altogether.

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