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You’ve already learned about how you bruise easily, but now find out about how you can get past bruising easily. 

Although we could spend a lot of time talking about different forms of bruise treatment, I think that our time would be a lot better spent looking at ways to reduce bruising in the first place or to prevent bruising from taking place at all; rather than just talking about healing existing bruises. 

If you can take a proactive position on your bruising situation, I believe that you will be much more satisfied with your results in the long run. 


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You Can Be Dealing With Easy Bruising in Your 20′s!             

My name is Leanna, and I am 24 years old, and I have had a problem with bruising since I was a teenager. So many times I would find many small bruises spread over my arms or legs or one large bruise, horrifying in appearance, that I was unaware of what I could’ve even done to get such a thing.

People were always awestruck how I couldn’t even remember what happened in order to cause them!.Other times, I would get a bump I did take note of or accidentally fall and I automatically knew what was to be expected. The bruises would not only be as large as an orange in diameter but they would last for many months, leaving a dark area for many more months where the bruise once was.

I couldn’t imagine what was causing this, especially on someone my age and after asking everyone I knew to attempt finding a remedy, the best anyone could tell me was that I needed more potassium and that it was hereditary. Because I did notice my mother and grandmother always had the same troubles, I accepted this as a valid response.

However, I began to add more potassium to my diet in hopes to aid this problem but needless to say, it didn’t. Either way, I thought I was doing all that anyone could do for this issue, left frustrated to deal with this problem alone — until I found Bruises Be Banned

This product has helped immensely in not only preventing the terrible bruising but actually decreasing the time it takes for the old bruises to fade away. It has been a wonderful find and I would recommend it to anyone. I never have to worry about having to cover up the embarrassing marks on my arms and legs or having to miss out on wearing my favorite dress for an upcoming event just because of some ugly bruise on my leg caused from something I don’t even remember. 

Thank you Bruises Be Banned!

Leanna Rivera

N.B.  Your results may vary.  Results can and will vary among different individuals.


Despite what I’ve just said, since you already have bruises, I guess you should take a brief look at what your medical advisors and researchers have learned about natural bruise remedies that may help heal bruises.

What can you use as a natural bruise treatment or bruise remedy for a bruise you already have?

  • An 8% vitamin K serum delivering 300 mcg applied directly to the bruised area is considered very effective by your medical advisors to naturally heal bruises
  • A topical preparation of escin (an extract of horse chestnut) has proved effective as a natural bruise treatment for many
  • Topical salves or ointments of various combinations of arnica, comfrey, and sweet clover have long been considered traditional bruise remedies
  • Witch Hazel and Vicks salve are two supposed bruise remedies, but there is little evidence to support these popular claims


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Take a look at what natural products are available to help reduce bruising, or even prevent bruising altogether, OK?

  • Limes were originally used to keep English sailors (Limeys) from getting scurvy, a disease known for its symptoms of excessive bruising.  Vitamin C is the primary ingredient in limes that helps overcome that excessive bruising
  • Vitamin K has long been known as a major contributor to natural blood clotting.  New scientific information discovered about Vitamin K indicates that it may also help strengthen blood vessel walls which can help reduce bruising
  • Anthocyanosides from Citrus Bioflavonoids are plant substances that have shown in medical testing the promise to prevent bruising.  One double-blind, placebo-controlled study for people with fragile capillaries showed bioflavonoids were instrumental in their attempt to reduce bruising
  • Another source of anthocyanosides is from from the plant Bilberry, a member of a group of fruit bearing shrubs that includes blueberries.  Just as indicated by the success of research into bioflavonoids, bilberry can act as a bruise remedy
  • Bromelain is extracted from the family of plants which contains pineapple.  Bromelain has sulfur-containing, protein digesting enzymes which can literally help digest the blood proteins that form a bruise therefore helping to heal bruises
  • Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM is another naturally occurring source of sulfur that some researchers believe helps speed recuperation from soft tissue injuries.  There is also some test-supported belief that MSM has some anti-inflammatory properties which would help reduce bruising

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  • BRUISES BE BANNED is a unique combination of natural ingredients that is unavailable from any other source
  • BRUISES BE BANNED is manufactured from only the highest quality natural ingredients supplied and tested by suppliers and testing labs that operate under Current Good Manufacturing Standards (cGMS)
  • BRUISES BE BANNED is tested in a quality control laboratory before, during, and after manufacturing making sure that the finished product will serve its purpose to help to prevent bruising easily.
  • BRUISES BE BANNED contains sufficient quantities of all of the following ingredients to insure that the product will, at least, help you reduce bruising easily.  The sufficient quantities mentioned here are based on optimal results for those following a 2,500 calorie daily diet.  If your daily diet is more or less than 2,500 calories, your results may take more or less time to become fully effective.  Those ingredients for each daily dosage are as follows:
    • Vitamin C                                  500 mg
    • Vitamin K                                  300 mcg
    • Citris Biflavonoids                     1200 mg
    • Bilberry                                       37 mg of anthocyanosides
    • Bromelain                                  500 mg
    • MSM                                          500 mg
  • BRUISES BE BANNED comes in a convenient, easy to swallow capsule with vegetable shells which is taken three times a day with or without food
  • BRUISES BE BANNED comes in a handy one month’s supply bottle that is factory sealed for your personal protection
  • BRUISES BE BANNED costs little more than $1.00 per day to use and comes with a special introductory offer for new users
  • BRUISES BE BANNED is shipped from the manufacturer directly to your door each month for your convenience and savings.  You can cancel your monthly shipment at any time by notifying us before the next month’s shipping date
  • BRUISES BE BANNED comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee


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These statements have not been evaluated  by the federal Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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