What Causes People To Bruise Easily And How Can You Prevent Bruising Easily?

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If you are someone who bruises easily, you have probably had experiences with friends who become nearly frantic with concern when they see a bruise that you barely remember what made the mark in the first place.  The truth is, despite the fact that many people associate bruising with traumatic injury, there are definitely things which can cause some people to bruise more easily than others. Bruising causes will vary from person to person, but the root cause is almost always the same.

Bruises, which are also known as contusions, essentially occur when the capillaries are damaged, and blood seeps into the surrounding tissues.  If the upper layer of skin remains uncut, the blood stays where it is.

This is why bruising causes are generally related to blunt force trauma.  Although bruises can be somewhat painful, and though they can be quite alarming to look at, there is rarely any health danger associated with them.  When you are trying to determine what makes you bruise easily, there are two distinct possibilities.

To begin with, you will notice that as you get older, your skin grows thinner.  What this means is that the capillary walls beneath your skin become more exposed and less protected.  As you age, your skin becomes more fragile and less flexible.

For instance, notice what happens when you pinch the skin on the back of your hand.  Does it seem to separate from the back of your hand easily?  This papery quality of the skin is one more sign of what makes you much easier to bruise; and when you do, the bruises can also become that much darker and dramatic.  If you bruise easily, you may also find that you are going to need to determine whether or not your capillaries have become easier to damage as well.

If you are someone who bruises easily, it can be normal that you may not even remember how a particular bruise occurred.  In extreme cases, you may find that you can just gently bump against something with no real pain or concern at all, and then because of this, you soon discover a red, black, blue, or greenish mark the size of a half dollar.

While it can be a little frightening, it is not really something that you need to specifically worry about.  Do be careful, though, because as you age, things seem to start hitting you harder than they did when you were young.  It is much easier for you to sustain damage, and it usually takes longer to recover as well.

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