Why Do Older People Tend To Bruise Easily?

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Here Are A Few Activities That Won’t Help Prevent Bruising Easily!


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Easy bruising does tend to develop easier in older people, and young people really have no idea of  what causes bruising and how what they do in the present affects whether they will develop the tendency when they get older.  Easy or frequent bruising can well cause our family and friends to become worried about of what they see happening to our skin.

Lots of people realize that when they get older they tend to bruise more readily, and this can be much more prevalent for people who have certain types of blood conditions or disorders.  People with thinner blood, or blood that is iron deficient will likely tend to easy bruising.

The most common cause for bruising easily, by far, is the aging process, because our skin and capillary walls have become thinner, which makes it much easier to develop a nasty looking bruise at the point of impact from even a slight accidental bump or collision.  Specific vitamin deficiencies are exaggerated as we age, and the taking of aspirin or warfarin for blood thinning purposes also increase our likelihood of sustaining a bruise.

Bruises by themselves are usually not really harmful in a medical sense; however, there are a variety of medical conditions that have easy bruising as one of their symptoms.  It is important to be certain that our bruises are not a symptom of one of those diseases or conditions, and the only way to determine that is through a medical consultation, because there are specific treatment plans that must be followed to control or eliminate the conditions associated with one of these diseases.

Bruises, or contusions, typically start with a dark color ranging from a dark red to purple.  As the healing process takes place, you will notice that the dark coloration will begin to lighten and fade after a few days from the causing impact and then continuing fading until the skin resumes its normal color.

If the aging process has caused our skin and capillary walls to thin then we are definite candidates for easy bruising.  Likewise a deficiency of vitamins C or K can increase our chances of sustaining bruises, just as blood thinners like aspirin or wafarin may cause us to be more susceptible.

For toughening the skin and increasing the strength and flexibility of the capillary walls, some form of a consistent exercise program will help by boosting  your metabolism and energy level.  Our exercise program will improve our cardiovascular system which will, in turn, help strengthen our skin and capillaries.

We can watch our vitamin intake, take up an exercise program, and basically do everything we can to overcome our tendency to bruise easily, but we can find a great deal of assistance in our quest by following the all natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program, which has been proved to help stop bruising completely by people following the program all over the world.

Remember that the only thing you have to lose by not following the Bruises Be Banned daily program is your social life due to your embarrassment caused by your ugly bruises.

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